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Before and After the Gym

Rita Scholl - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Before and After the Gym

Most active people often suffer from tension in their muscles. This a result of individuals not properly taking the time to care for their body after either exercising or excessively using their body during a busy day. Living Touch Massage wants to help you keep your resolution of a healthier life, which includes taking care of your body after your workout.

After a workout, you may notice you are sore the next day. Walking up or down stairs hurts, your arms feel like they are going to fall off, and stretching only feels good for a second. If you are experiencing this, we can provide the solution to your problem.

Muscle tension happens when muscles stay semi-contracted for a period of time. This can cause back pain, neck pain, and headaches too. An easy way to relieve muscle tension is to do a cool down after you work out. For quick relief try these common stretches that our good friends at suggest. Some stretches may be better for you depending on the work out and specific muscle groups exercised. If you are looking for longer lasting relief, Living Touch Massage offers full body deep tissue massage in a variety of lengths.

Let Living Touch Massage help you to remember that taking care of your body doesn’t only mean going to the gym and eating right. Properly taking care of your body after you work out is just as important as taking precautions while at the gym.

Take a note from our lovable Boo! After an exhausting day of constant running, he loves to do his favorite stretch, the downward dog. Plus, he drinks lots of water. He takes time to rest and eats plenty of healthy food. He is refreshed, feels spry, and is be ready to take on another busy day without suffering from any soreness.

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Paul and Rita Scholl, married for 25 years

In Loving Memory of Paul Scholl

Paul was lost in a tragic hunting accident in November of 2014.
Though we have suffered from his premature death, his spirit remains with us.

"I would like to thank my pastors, Keith and Rachel Willard, of Real Life Christian Fellowship in Bemidji, Minnesota, and pastors Darrell and Marcia Todd of Word-N-Sound Ministries of Northern Minnesota. The love, help, prayer, and guidance they have given me, my children, and my family since the death of my husband, Paul, has made all the difference in our lives." - Rita