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Find Hormonal Balance with Help from Massage

Rita Scholl - Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Hormones are a regulatory substance that can change our emotions and feelings. They can change because of simple things like the amount of sleep we get or what we eat. They also change during certain stages in our lives like pregnancy or starting a new job. Situations like these bring unwanted hormones that can cause stress. The use of massage can help stimulate certain hormones in ou  Read More >>

Massage and Exercise: Gain flexibility and reduce sore muscles

Rita Scholl - Saturday, June 01, 2013
Summer is slowly but surely arriving in Bemidji. With the warm sun and cool breezes coming off the lakes, makes it the perfect time to start enjoying activities outdoors. Some prefer blazing the hundreds of miles of trails in our area on their feet, rollerblades, bikes, or trikes. While others take to the water swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. Not to mention all the fun   Read More >>

Lend a Hand to Massage: How massage techniques can benefit carpal tunnel syndrome

Rita Scholl - Friday, April 12, 2013
Many people experience the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, also associated with pain and numbness in the hands. It could be caused by repetitive motion in the hands or wrists, or even brought on by swelling of the ligaments and tissues during pregnancy. No matter the cause, the symptoms are never pleasant. Some carpal tunnel sufferers may get surgery before trying other treatm  Read More >>

Massage During Pregnancy

Rita Scholl - Saturday, March 02, 2013
Many pregnant women experience the common symptoms of muscle soreness, sleeplessness and of course the increase of stress due to the life change they are about the experience. Studies have shown that massage therapy can help reduce these symptoms and make pregnancy a much more enjoyable experience. “We work with many pregnant women at different stages of their pregnancy,&rd  Read More >>

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