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Recovering at Home Instead of the Hospital

Rita Scholl - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Recovering at Home Instead of the Hospital

Is it possible to recover from an operation/surgery faster at home than at the hospital? Absolutely it is! How is this possible? There are 4 main categories that affect your recovery time. Deciding to recover at home can influence each of these categories.

  • Reduces HAI. Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) are very common in the hospital setting because after a surgery/operation you become extremely vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections such as, urinary tract infections,surgical infections, and bloodstream infections. Hospitals are filled with these types of infections, but when you are extremely susceptible to these infections, they can be much worse than the typical experience had by others.
  • Better sleep. Long-term sleep deprivation occurs in a hospital more frequently than at home due to the constant lights, talking, equipment noises, and other interruptions. Sleeping is the body’s way to heal, rejuvenate, and refresh during recovery. Without an uninterrupted, great night's sleep, it may be hard for your body to maintain a fast recovery.
  • Keep a regular schedule. Your body has an internal schedule where eating, sleeping, and exercising should occur at a specific time everyday. This is extremely hard to do at a hospital because your internal schedule has to be flexible with testing times and the staff schedule.

A comfortable environment can help improve your recovery time. Being at home with friends, family, and pets can give you the positive motivation you need to recover from a procedure/surgery. Your home surroundings may just be the prescription you need for a better, comfortable, and fast recovery.

If you have an upcoming procedure and would like to speed up your recovery time using massage by Living Touch then call (218) 368-2964. We are open from 8am-6:30pm on weekdays! If you want to learn more about the massage services we provide go to

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