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Alleviating Allergy Symptoms

Alleviating Allergy Symptoms

Rita Scholl - Tuesday, June 06, 2017
Spring in Minnesota is a wonderful time! We’ve endured the long and brutal winter, and now we’re rewarded with lush greenery, thousands of shimmering lakes, blooming flowers and temperate spring weather. But for some, spring signals seasonal allergies - runny nose, watery eyes, and endless coughing triggered by the colorful blooms around them. Massage therapy is a fantastic way to help  Read More >>
Don't Let Yard Work Become a Pain in Your Neck

Don't Let Yard Work Become a Pain in Your Neck

Rita Scholl - Wednesday, May 03, 2017
The snow is finally gone, signaling that it’s time for Minnesotans to get outside and prep our yards for summer! However, yard work can be physically and mentally stressful. Ever suffered from neck and arm soreness after tilling your garden soil? Or low back achiness from bending over to plant and weed the garden? How about upper back pain from push-mowing your lawn? If springtime yard work ha  Read More >>
Spring Clean Your Body and Massage Away the Winter Blues

Spring Clean Your Body and Massage Away the Winter Blues

Rita Scholl - Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Birds are chirping, ice is melting, and the days are getting longer; it's time to get active again. As the winter passes and spring approaches, your body may be waking up from "hibernation" and your mind may blooming with ideas of flowers, growth, and movement. Joggers are ready to run outside without risking an icy slip, gardeners are picking out this year’s flowers and vegetables, and fa  Read More >>

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Paul and Rita Scholl, married for 25 years

In Loving Memory of Paul Scholl

Paul was lost in a tragic hunting accident in November of 2014.
Though we have suffered from his premature death, his spirit remains with us.

"I would like to thank my pastors, Keith and Rachel Willard, of Real Life Christian Fellowship in Bemidji, Minnesota, and pastors Darrell and Marcia Todd of Word-N-Sound Ministries of Northern Minnesota. The love, help, prayer, and guidance they have given me, my children, and my family since the death of my husband, Paul, has made all the difference in our lives." - Rita