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The Importance of Healthy, Human Contact

Rita Scholl - Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Importance of Healthy, Human Contact

Often times, people think of human touch as a personally intimate topic. Human contact is important for the body and mind. Touch can create a connection between anyone.

For example, when you accidentally step on the back of someone’s shoe, you touch their arm as you apologize. It’s a small gesture that helps drive the sincerity of the apology.

Our office manager, Boo, recognizes the importance and impact human contact has on him. All our furry friends welcome this type of attention from their owners, and for good reason! The health benefits of physical touch range from emotional, mental, and physical. Oxytocin is released and inspires positive thinking and trust. It also increases dopamine and serotonin levels. These help regulate mood, stress, and anxiety. Touch can also boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure.

Massage therapy helps with all three types of health benefits. It reduces stress and anxiety, increases joint flexibility, and creates a sense of well-being, among other things.

So take a cue from our furry friends and schedule your massage today. Living Touch Massage offers a variety of services to fit each person’s needs. These can range anywhere from light & relaxing to deep & restorative, and other specialized services.

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Paul and Rita Scholl, married for 25 years

In Loving Memory of Paul Scholl

Paul was lost in a tragic hunting accident in November of 2014.
Though we have suffered from his premature death, his spirit remains with us.

"I would like to thank my pastors, Keith and Rachel Willard, of Real Life Christian Fellowship in Bemidji, Minnesota, and pastors Darrell and Marcia Todd of Word-N-Sound Ministries of Northern Minnesota. The love, help, prayer, and guidance they have given me, my children, and my family since the death of my husband, Paul, has made all the difference in our lives." - Rita