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There are as many approaches to massage as there are massage therapists. If you have any questions about the Living Touch approach, please don't hesitate to ask us.

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Age is a mindset. We are a product of what we eat and do. Diet, exercise, hydration, stress levels, and thought patterns affect us. With self-care and awareness things can improve.

At our office we do not do any “spiritual rituals”

Yes, we can feel knots and tension in the muscles. We can also feel when the knots and tension release. Many times we can also tell if it is muscle tension from a strain of injury.

We find our clients are about 50/50 on this. Some people need to talk to unwind and get nervous if they have to be quiet. They need to know what we are doing to them. Some people are very inquisitive and want to learn. Other people like to enjoy the quiet. We always try to follow the lead of the client, it becomes obvious where their comfort level is.

We had been married for 11 years and both of our children were in school before we decided to go to massage school. When we got married Paul said that he was going to get out of construction before he was crippled. Because of this, we were always looking for something to do that we could believe in. We knew that we wanted something in the wellness area.

We know that shaved legs are a hygiene thing for many ladies and we understand that, but at our office we work on both men and women. Normally the men have hairier legs. Hair on the legs is not a problem. Our lotion can cover a multitude of skins. If the leg hair is furry we have to use oil instead of lotion and work in one direction so the hair does not knot up.

This is something that we talked about in massage school. People respond to touch differently. Also many people have experience “touch trauma” in their life. It is always important to be aware of a person’s reaction to touch. Many people don’t understand what therapeutic massage in until they have one.

Some of the ways that we help our clients in to start them face down. If a man is going to have a reaction it will be in the first few minutes of the massage and if he does only he knows. Men are more excited by sight then touch. We also dress professionally and have a professional setting. In my 13 years of practice I have never had a male client with an erection problem.

There was a female massage student that went to massage day school the same time as Paul went to night school. She was cheasty and liked to wear low cut shirts, mid drift shirks and short shorts. She was having problems with men reacting during massage clinicals. Our teacher had to pull her aside a couple of times to address her lack of professional dressing. How we, as massage therapists present ourselves does matter.

Massage is a service driven industry, like any service based industry, tips are appreciated but not required.

The average client we see is an educated professional, so we typically don’t have to deal with those types of issues. Usually the person with that type of mind set doesn’t invest themselves in the wellness of their body. We also strive to present ourselves as professional, not a fly by night business. The way we present ourselves does matter.

I have had one client in IL that was a semi-retired lawyer that informed me that he didn’t think that he needed to be covered by the sheet and I informed him if he did not cover himself I would not work on him.

We do end up every year with some calls and texts that are very inappropriate. We handle the calls by giving the information to the Hubbard Police. The police then calls the number and informs the individuals that what they are doing is considered sexual harassment by law and if this continues the police will have to take action. Normally after that the phone calls stop.

Yes, I have worked with several people that have fibromyalgia, each case is unique in itself.

When we went to massage school in Southern Illinois our massage instructor taught us the importance of self-care, stretching and proper body mechanics. We do take time to take care of ourselves, including getting regular massages.

We work on a lot of people and many people who have had trauma in their lives. We are trained to be aware of signs that indicate people are having an anatomical reaction. We have also been trained on how to slow or stop and help a client through one of those reactions.

This is one of the things I wondered about when I started my massage education. I was fortunate that in my massage class we had all sizes. We had a“Victoria's Secret” size up to someone as “round as I am tall”. Massage and deep tissue release work the same on everyone.

The hardest people to work on are the very thin people, because their muscles are also thin and harder to follow along the bone structure.

As long as you aren't black with dirt, don’t worry about it, most people really don’t smell that bad.

With deep tissue work there can be discomfort, we always work with our client pain tolerance. Our goal is to work with the clients’ bodies and not beat them into submission.

Massage is proactive care, not a New Age belief. There are some therapists that like to be mysterious and mystical instead of therapeutic. There is science behind massage, it’s more than just a back rub or chasing oils around your back.

Massage can be many things, light and fluffy or deep and therapeutic. 1 of 10 massage therapists are myofascial masseurs. I am a professionally trained myofascial massage therapist. We can do massages from light touch to very deep tissue, based on the preference of the client.

An anatomical response is the body responding to the massage work either emotionally or physically. The most common releases can be: crying shaking, sweating or excessive, emotional talk. Anatomical responses can be normal and are nothing to worry about.

People who have had touch trauma or who have image issues normally ask for a woman. People who have had a massage before really don’t care either way. They just want a good massage therapist and they will book for a time that is more convenient for them. Normally if they like your work they stay with you. It is a normal case of “first hands on” is normally who they will rebook with. Our athletes normally prefer males because they think a man is stronger and are used to male coached and personal trainers.

Some people think that men are stronger and rougher and that women are more gentle and nurturing. That isn’t quite true. A good massage therapist is determined by technique and knowledge of controlling their strength. The stronger massage therapist with be in practice longer.

We find many times that the side that hurts is not always the tight side. Sometimes the sore side is sore from the tight side pulling on it. It is always best to work the body as a whole.

Before Paul and I had our two kids we suffered from two miscarriages. After the first miscarriage I scheduled a massage with our friend who learned his technique when he was serving in Vietnam. After my massage my body recovered and was back to normal within a month. With the second miscarriage, I was busy with work and did not make time to schedule a massage. My body took three months to recover. I told Paul that anything that makes that big of a difference at such an emotional time is well worth looking into.

Paul used massage to help lessen pain and improve movement and function while he worked in construction. One case that really proved the benefit of massage was when Paul was working construction in St. Louis. Before we went to massage school he was in pain. He was going to the chiropractor three times a week and the adjustments help but the releases were not long lasting. We found a couple of massage therapists that did deep tissue massage work. We discovered Paul had better result managing pain from getting a massage every other week then getting adjusted three times a week. It was also easier on the budget. The chiropractor had already addressed the skelatorial issues but now Paul was dealing with muscular issues.

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