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Rita is the best! Peggy Odegard

I walk away knowing that every spot in my body has been worked expertly! She is a very skilled massage therapist!

Your monthly massages & advice have made a such a difference in my life. Maureen Sweet

Just got back from my hour long walk & wanted to thank Rita for all her help for the last 8 years living with COPD. Your monthly massages & advice have made a such a difference in my life. I now consider my monthly massage as a reward for improving my life.

FINALLY found someone with just the right touch! Darcie Kaiser

I suffer from chronic stomach pain and my whole body suffers when I have an episode. The stress tenses up every muscle in my body causing everything to hurt. I needed a deep tissue massage that worked my muscles into submission. BAM! She got the job done! I felt SO MUCH RELIEF after my appointment. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!

It's been a life-changer!! Natascha

After enduring a long year involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to treat a sarcoma in my femur I sought help for scar tissue and muscle/joint pain relief through massage therapy. I have spent many hours working in the gym and pool doing physical therapy. Learning to walk and drive again. I just felt stuck. I was experiencing pain in my groin and muscle stiffness in my leg. After one deep tissue massage by Rita, I was finally able to lift my knee high enough to get my foot into my car for the first time in a year without pain. I left this session feeling so relieved. I had feared the pain I was experiencing would be my "new normal". Rita's talent and skill has afforded me new hope that I can make a full recovery and feel well and strong again. I know there is more work to do but I have a new respect for how massage can complement the other therapies I receive. It's been a life-changer!!

Massage therapy has become...a major component of my healthcare regime. Sheila Paul

I have suffered from chronic headaches and several back injuries for years. Regular massage has helped me to increase my flexibility and reduce muscular tension. Massage has allowed me to reduce the amount of pain medications that I use and increases my general sense of well-being. Massage therapy has become and will always be a major component of my healthcare regime. I appreciate the patient sensitive care that I have received at Living Touch Massage!

Helped me (when I) was experiencing lots of stress Cindy

Rita helped me at the Relay For Life event. I had just lost my mother and was experiencing lots of shoulder pain related to stress. Doing a lot of popping the Advil. She sat me down and I had some relief for the duration of the event for the first time in two weeks......It felt good.

Rita helped me when doctors couldn't! Jo Auginaush

After a car accident a few years ago I have had problems with my shoulder. Rita helped me alot with the pain when doctors couldn't! My husband has seen Paul and he has gotten alot of help also.

I can not thank (you) enough for the difference in my life! Tracy

I first met Rita when she moved here in 2004. I received a chair massage from her. During my massage we began talking about some lower back pain that I was experiencing along with neck and shoulder pain due to repetitive motion. After seeing Rita for a full body massage I learned what amazing things massage therapy can do for your body. I have received a full body massage once a month from Rita. I also get a Thai massage from Paul a couple of times a year. Their work has done incredible things for me. It is allowing me to continue in my chosen profession. I have also received a lymphatic massage during a time when I was so congested that I was having a hard time breathing. Rita was able to get my system draining properly and I was able to breathe well again without the need of inhalers or other medicines. I can not thank Rita and Paul enough for the differences they have made in my life!

I feel much more relaxed, (with less) pain Bethany

When I first went into get a massage from Rita, my neck and back felt sore, achy, and I repeatedly experienced head aches. Now I feel much more relaxed and haven't experienced pain as frequently. Working as a CNA and going to school full time is hard on my neck and back which is why I see Rita twice a month. It has helped me a lot.

Extremely professional and friendly Laraine Roach

Rita was able to make more headway in alleviating my shoulder/neck/back pain and tension, than I had ever experienced. She was extremely professional and friendly, too, which is sometimes hard to find. There was a tangible improvement the very first time I visited with her. I knew she was correcting my muscle issues and helping relieve the root of my discomfort each time I have been able to have a massage. She also makes helpful suggestions about how to better do things in my daily life that may help with my physical issues. She and Paul are a real blessing!

Simply the best! Kathryn

Rita and Paul are simply the best! Paul helped me overcome more than 30 years of TMJ-related tension in my jaw, and Rita and Paul have both helped me address some deep seated tension in my shoulder and neck that causes me to have excruciating headaches. They are both a vast wealth of knowledge and support, and they are committed to my self-care by offering me preventative information and tips to continue my healing beyond their work. I know I am well cared for in their hands, and I have no doubt you will find this to be true for you as well.

The best I've ever had Fran Harkness

I went to Living Touch Massage this past week. I have had massages in the past, this was the best I've ever had. I thought I would be uncomfortable with a man instead of a woman. My concern was over as soon as I met Paul. He was professional, kind, and helped me feel better than I had for 6 months. I would recommend Living Touch Massage to anyone that is in pain or is stressed.

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In Loving Memory of Paul Scholl

Rita and Paul, an amazing team for 18 years.